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Join hands with SocInvest. Share your learnings. You may have an insight which no one else has. Here is a chance to make your mark!

Who are SocInvest Contributors?

A contributor is anyone with an understanding of a stock, economy or business. If you are a fund manager, institutional investor, seasoned public markets investor, financial analyst or even a college student with insights, join now and share your thoughts with the SocInvest community. To register, please fill out the form below. For assistance or questions, please contact us at

"Knowledge is power. Knowledge shared is power multiplied."

-Robert Noyce
Mayor of Silicon Valley & Founder - Intel Corporation

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India is a country with millions of active investors. Reach out to these investors and become a household name through publication of your articles on our app, website and in our newsletters. Create your recognition through SocInvest.


Exclusive articles earn money based on quality, viewership and content pertinence. 

Anonymous Policy

We understand that you may have a limitation in being able to disclose your name due to other commitments. We believe that millions of users desire rigorous & insightful research and opinion on stocks & sectors ​and the ideas are more important than the author’s name. You can choose to stay anonymous ensuring our users can read your content without linking it to you.

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