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Crash Course for Beginners on Fundamental Investing


Take fundamental analysis to a new level. Learn ways to determine the value of a stock. Fundamental Analysis is an approach to studying a business. The focus is on Beginners.

When an investor wishes to invest in a Company for the long term (more than 3 years), it becomes essential to understand the Company from various perspectives. It is critical for an investor to separate the daily short-term noise in the stock prices and concentrate on the underlying business performance. Over the long term, a fundamentally strong company’s stock prices tend to appreciate, thereby creating wealth for its investors.

It's an approach followed by investing legends like Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, and Peter Lynch.

We have curated a 7-day course for learning fundamental analysis using first principles.

Special thanks to the creators for developing such great content !!


Day 1 - Introduction to Stock Market (Duration: 2 hours 10 mins)

Get started! Understand basics and get introduced to the stock market


Day 2 - Fundamental Analysis (Duration: 37 mins)

What is fundamental analysis? Step-by-step process


Day 3 - Economic MOATs (Duration: 48 mins)

The term "economic moat," popularized by Warren Buffett, refers to a business's ability to maintain competitive advantages over its competitors to protect its long-term profits and market share. Just like an old fort, the moat serves to protect those inside the fortress and their riches from outsiders.


Day 4 - Understanding Financial Statements (Duration: 1 hour 2 mins)

Quickly learn Profit & Loss, Balance sheet, Cash Flow accounts, and Annual Report


Day 5 - Introduction to Valuation (Duration: 1 hour 13 mins)

Intrinsic valuation and relative valuation - straight from the valuation guru (Aswath Damodaran)


Day 6 - Case Studies (Duration: 1 hour 2 mins)

Valuation of Paytm and Zomato


Day 7 - Stock Market Deep Dive and Summary (Duration: 3 hours 15 mins)

Wrap up the course!



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